PAX Online digital event to replace PAX Australia and PAX West conventions this year

Brad Stephenson

Updated on:

PAX Online

Following on from yesterday’s news about the cancellation of PAX Australia this year and the hints at some kind of digital event taking its an PAX West’s (which was also cancelled) place, PAX Online has been officially announced.

PAX Online will be a genuinely ambitious digital event that will run 24 hours a day for nine days starting on September 12th and running through to the 30th.

Much like the real-world PAX events, PAX Online will consist of contests, esports, video games, panels, and community. Unlike those events, PAX Online will be completely free.

“Protecting the safety and health of our community is our highest priority,” the official announcement reads. “The more we worked on a solution, the more it became clear that if we really wanted to welcome everybody home, we’d have to remove the physical barriers entirely, and simply take PAX Online. Going digital means a lot more than just a change in venue though, and by transcending the physical, in fact, we’re able to do more PAX than ever before!”

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