Paul Allen’s Portland NBA team uses Cortana Intelligence to boost sales

Email Twitter: @abacjourn May 9th, 2016 inNews

Sports, sometimes, can be just more than fun and games. Be it the decision on how to price ticket plans, or even popcorn and souvenir t-shirts, professional sports teams have to put up with some serious business decisions. With all that seemingly in mind, the Portland Trail Blazers is now teaming up with Microsoft to use data-driven insights to connect with fans and increase ticket sales.

Under the team up, the Trail Blazers will use the big data and advanced analytics capabilities of the Cortana Intelligence Suite to better identify leads and increase market efficiencies. However, due to the fact that most fans do not change purchasing patterns, the challenge will be to also utilize the Trail Blazers data to identify potential fans who are most likely to purchase season tickets.

The Cortana Intelligence Suite, though, will make this easy and will allow data specialists from both the Trail Blazers and Microsoft to process and analyze the data to build operational machine learning models. For example, Microsoft and the Trail Blazers will build several prediction models on the Cortana Intelligence Suite, including one that predicts changes in season ticket package levels through a four-class classifier.

This partnership is no doubt very interesting and shows off the true power of Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite. As always, though, we would still love to hear what you think of this, so be sure to drop us a comment below!

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