Path of Exile video game confirmed for 2017 release on Xbox One

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PC game, Path to Exile, has been confirmed for release on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console sometime in 2017. The announcement was made on the official Path to Exile forums earlier today and was very well received by fans of the game.

The Xbox One version will not share the same userbase as the PC version however and there will be some small changes made to the console version. “Xbox One players will play on their own realm, separate to the PC realm,” the announcement reads. “This is due to small gameplay differences between the two versions, such as the number of Flask slots and how some skills are targeted. We intend to follow the same content and league release schedule on both the Xbox One and PC versions of Path of Exile. We're really excited about this release. It represents over a year of work from a small strike team within our studio - the guys who also created our DirectX 11 version. We'll announce more information over the coming weeks!”

Path to Exile launched on Windows PCs in late 2013 and won PC Game of the Year from Gamespot for the same year and Best PC Role-Playing Game of 2013 from IGN.

Are you a fan of Path to Exile and have you been waiting to play it on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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