Pass your math class with the help of the Camera Intelligent Search in the Bing app

Bing for iPhone App
Email Twitter: @abacjourn Aug 15th, 2018 inNews

If you’ve been having some trouble with tricky math equations, Bing is here to help. Noted by Search Engine Land, Microsoft recently released an update for the Bing app on iOS with a new feature for solving complex math problems.

To get started with this feature, first, click on the camera icon on the main page in the Bing App. Next up, swipe to the right on the bottom to select the Math mode. You can then snap a picture of the math problem to have Bing help you solve it.

As seen below, the Bing app will give you a solution, step-by-step guide to the solution, and even a graph. It does, however, have some troubles with more complex algebraic equations, so it’s not always that reliable as a scientific or graphing calculator.

Solving math with Bing!

Microsoft also updated the app with the ability to find words in page faster with a new “Find in Page” button. Definitely some nice features in this update, so feel free to check it out by visiting the app store link below. Once you’ve updated, drop us a comment below with your thoughts on the experience.

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