Part 3: Getting Started with Power Platform for Productivity

Benjamin Akhigbe

As a business owner, you want to empower your employees to do more in your organisation? With Microsoft’s Power Platform, you can develop applications easily without any kind of background in software development.


Intelligent Automation

Power BI on Windows 10
Power BI on Windows 10

Intelligent automation leverages the power of low code development that empower developers to do more removing manual operations. As a result, the focus is shifted to value-adding activities reducing the burden of error prone activities from humans to technology. All this is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is expected to become more accessible in the workplace, from office to factory floor.

Canvas, Model Driven, or Portal Power Apps

power bi phone reports

As a business owner, wondering what type of applications you can create with Microsft Power Platform? You can choose between canvas, model driven or portal. The best part of building an app is that it can be easy as creating a slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform


With Power Apps, you don’t need to wait for free availability from your IT department. You can quickly develop useful apps by removing most time consuming elements from the development process. Employees, get an intuitive drag and drop interface that makes it easy for everyone to develop an application. Plus, you don’t need a big budget to access these features.

Power Platform was designed to be accessible anytime and anywhere. This means across mobile, tablet devices or web based applications. Employees in an organisation can easily use it whenever they need it.

Since Power Platform relies on low code development, which doesn’t take any technical skills to be able to use the platform. As a result, anyone in the organisation both employers and employees can build an app provided. Plus, it is a lot faster to deploy compared to other development models.

Microsoft Power Apps makes it easy to build a front end of the application with intuitive drag and drop functionality. As a result, easily integrated and employees can perform additional selections and access to the data they need.

Microsoft makes it easy to integrate with other Microsoft tools under the Power Platform. Existing tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, so your data resides in Microsoft 365, Flow, or Power BI which makes it very easy to export it to SharePoint, Excel or any other Microsoft application you use in your business.



With employees empowered with the benefits of Power Platform. They can leverage the power of intelligent automation that take businesses to the next level focusing on value adding tasks that work efficiently to push businesses forward, and unlock new opportunities.

If you’re just getting started with Microsoft’s Power Platform, check out our Part One and Part Two of our series, and learn more about Microsoft Power Platform from Microsoft. Please share your experience working with Microsoft Power Platform in the comments below!