Parental control screen time limits coming to Xbox One, says exec

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Xbox One, like many gaming consoles, has always been a target of war for parents concerned for their children's wellbeing. Even if video games have dropped in tooltips and restrictions dispelling long hours of play,  more parental controls for Xbox play time has been a repetitively requested feature for quite some time.

Today, Mike Ybarra from the Xbox team posted on Twitter a look at what's coming for Xbox One, and some younger fans aren't going to be too happy.

That's right, parental units will have the power to enforce screen time with the Xbox One.  From what we can tell by the image shared, the option is able to be toggled and will limit younger users by a daily allowance or restriction between specific times. Of course, they can always do both for each day of the week.

Fans on Twitter are already poking fun at the new screen time limits. One even went as far as to request "a moment of silence". On the opposite spectrum, parental figures and even those without children yet are praising the Xbox team for the new feature.

There isn't any information on when we might see the newest parental controls go live or if it will include watching videos through the device. However, considering it is called 'screen time' and not 'game time', the popular assumption that the Xbox will mostly be unusable within specified limits.

What do you think about parental controls on Xbox One? Should there be more or less of them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us at @OnMSFT

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