Paramount Plus finally rolls out in the UK, with a free 30 day trial for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

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Paramount Plus, the streaming service that is home to the Halo TV series, is finally set to roll out in the United Kingdom on June 22. And as part of the Paramount Plus UK launch, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get a free 30 day trial of the steaming service (and along with it, access to the Halo show). Note, however, that the trial isn’t available until June 28.

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers may remember that a similar promotion happened back in March when the Halo series premiered. The show’s premiere went on to become the most watched in the history of Paramount Plus, within 24 hours of its release.

It remains unclear whether the show will see weekly episodic releases when Paramount Plus launches in the UK, or if the entire first season will be available at the outset, given that it is elsewhere. If the latter, then Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to see the entirety of the first season during the 30-day trial. It has also been revealed that the recently released Top Gun: Maverick will be coming to the service eventually following its theatrical release, though this will surely not happen in time for the trial.

At any rate, it is a nice perk for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, especially if they haven’t had a chance to catch up on the Halo show.


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