Panos Panay just gave us a first look at the Surface Duo’s camera quality

Arif Bacchus

Ever since he became the new head of Windows Client and hardware, Panos Panay has been a bit more active on his social media. Following the tease of a new File Explorer for Windows 10 last month, today, the Microsoft exec pushed out yet another intriguing post. This time, Panay is teasing the camera quality on the upcoming Surface Duo, sharing a “special moment” he captured from the device.

Seen above, the rather simplistic photo shows his son Costas studying from home on a Surface Pro X. More importantly, though, in the caption, Panos says this is a “special moment captured on my Surface Duo.”  Judging from this caption, this appears to be one of the first photos taken from the Surface Duo.

The camera setup on the Duo remains largely a mystery, and Instagram is known to compress photos, but this photo still looks pretty decent, except that the top of the chair on the right looks unusually blurry. Panay last said that Surface Duo would “feature a good camera,” and recent concepts spotted in public have shown that the device only has a front-facing camera.

With rumors indicating that the Surface Duo could be coming this Summer, we’ll have to wait and find out more about the true camera quality. Until then, we’ll have to settle with the dog food and take in all the anticipation and teasers.