Pac-Man Museum+ is coming soon to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass

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Pac-Man Museum+, a new version of Pac-Man Museum, was today confirmed for a May 27th release on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families. In addition to a regular retail release, the game will also launch Day One on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass video game subscription service.

Pac-Man Museum+, as its name implies, is a new version of the original Pac-Man Museum which launched on the Xbox 360. While Pac-Man Museum contained nine classic Pac-Man titles, Pac-Man Museum+ boasts 14 video games for Pac-Man enthusiasts to play in full.

In addition to the games, Pac-Man Museum+ also features a virtual arcade which can be fully customized by the player.

Here’s the announcement trailer which showcases all of the features.

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