Overwatch’s premium loot boxes will soon be a thing of the past as Blizzard prepares to switch to a battle pass system in Overwatch 2

Robert Collins

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In its latest blog post over on playoverwatch.com, Blizzard Entertainment announced that premium loot boxes in Overwatch will be going the way of the dodo at the end of August. Following the conclusion of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event ongoing right now through August 30, the premium loot boxes will no longer be available for purchase.

To be clear, this does not apply to standard loot boxes, only the purchasable ones. No doubt this decision comes in anticipation of the Overwatch 2 launch in October. In Overwatch 2 Blizzard will transition to a Battle Pass system in place of microtransactions—a move which many gamers are no doubt applauding. Although to be sure the Battle Pass system itself isn’t perfect.

But don’t worry: your loot boxes will be automatically opened before the Overwatch 2 launch and the items deposited into your inventory. Also, Overwatch currencies will carry over to Overwatch 2.