Change the rules as you go with Overruled!, now available for Xbox One -
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Change the rules as you go with Overruled!, now available for Xbox One

Today, Overruled! is released on the Xbox One.
What is Overruled! ? The concept is very simple: Whoever gets the most points win. How to get those points, however, depends entirely on the players. A unique multiplayer brawler, Overruled! gives each player a set of rule-changing cards that can be used anytime during gameplay to completely change the winnings strategy. An example can be changing the game from coin-collecting to Capture-the-Flag if you're left behind, or switch to a team death-match if you have a disadvantage in solo.
It's the unpredictability that gives the game its charm and fun, and an ever-growing divers cast of characters will keep you amused and engaged. The games can be played with up to 3 players (4 players total per match,) both local and online, so the potential for carnage is never limited.
Part of the [email protected] program, Overruled! is developed by Dlala Studios and Team17 Digital Ltd, and was unveiled at gamescom 2014.  The game is also available on  Steam as an Early-Access game (no information on whether the 2 versions are cross-playable.)

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