Over 19 million gamers downloaded the Star Wars Battlefront II video game on PC this month

Brad Stephenson

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Rey and BB8 in Star Wars Battlefront II video game on Xbox One

Earlier this month, EA gave away their Star Wars Battlefront II video game as a free download via the Epic Games online store and it appears to have been much more popular than anticipated with over 19 million users having claimed it during the promotional period.

The announcement was made via the official EA Star Wars Twitter account earlier today. “More than 19M PLAYERS got #StarWarsBattlefrontII from the Epic Game Store promo!” the tweet reads. “Thank you so much for the continued support, even after our final content drop! We’ll watch your careers with great interest! May the Force be with you, troopers!”

As the tweet mentions, the level of interest in Star Wars Battlefront II is impressive as content updates for it ceased almost a year ago in April 2020. One of the likely reasons for this continued interest is the fact that, despite updates ending, the game has a massive amount of content to unlock and different game modes to play. Battlefront II also still has a loyal following with many Star Wars YouTubers and the hype surrounding The Mandalorian Season 2 (and the appearance of Boba Fett who’s playable in the game) possibly also contributed.

Star Wars Battlefront II has also seen a noticeable increase in player activity on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families recently due to it now being free to download and play via EA Play which is part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. The game actually seems busier than it was at launch a couple of years ago with lobbies being filled in a matter of seconds, even on smaller servers in regions such as Australia.

In addition to adding context to the excitement surrounding the massive number of game downloads, the mention of the “final content drop” in the above tweet also serves to squash theories around potential future content being added to Star Wars Battlefront II. Several of the game’s actors had been spotted filming new scenes and dialogue for an unspecified video game recently and it now seems clear that they’re either involved in an unannounced Star Wars Battlefront III or some other Star Wars video game such as Jedi: Fallen Order II.

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