Over 16,500 student devs participated in WOWZAPP hackathon, Microsoft explains why it was so special

WOWZAPP, which took place between November 9th and November 11th, was Microsoft’s biggest global hackathon (112 locations in 53 countries) that saw more than 16,500 student developers participate. Microsoft revealed in a blog post to day exactly why this hackathon was important.

“Hackathons are a great way for the next generation of developers to get a head-start in app development, especially if we introduce a new technology platform like Windows 8. They are also a great way for students to connect with the local developer community and learn from each other,” Drazen Dodik stated, from the Microsoft Finland DPE team. For those who missed it, this event took place November 9th to the 11th in various locations. Two of the Europe locations were in Athens and Helsinki and saw a combined 1380 participants. Microsoft sat down with two of its own who organized the event and asked them why the event was so special. Hit the source link below to read the Q/A session.

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