Over 1000 apps created by Unity 4.2 were made for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Microsoft reveals over 1000 apps created by Unity 4.2 were submitted to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

During the Build 2013 Developer Conference earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that Unity Pro 4, a popular game development platform, had announced commercial support for the Windows Store. “Unity Pro developers will receive a free license to build, and get support for Windows and Windows Phone. In addition, developers with Microsoft Studios publishing agreements will have free access to Unity tools for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, inclusive of support for enhanced Kinect gestures and SmartGlass,” Microsoft had explained during Build 2013.

Unity a powerful rendering engine that is fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content. And thanks to Unity, Microsoft has seen a thousand apps created by Unity submitted to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Unity is a great engine that has the ability to create some nice games for both platforms.

“This past June, we announced a collaboration with Unity, through which Unity developers can publish their apps on Windows platforms. Since the release of Unity 4.2, we’ve seen exponential growth of apps made with Unity on both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store; there are now more than one thousand Unity apps – and counting,” Microsoft revealed in an official blog post today.

Who knows, your favorite game in the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store was likely created using the Unity engine.

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