Over 10 million people have Bing Desktop installed, now updated with new features

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Bing Desktop

Microsoft has rolled out a new version for its Bing Desktop software for Windows. On top of the update, which adds a few new features, Microsoft has also revealed that over 10 million people have Bing Desktop installed on their computers!

“Bing Desktop brings together the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage images with quick and convenient ways to search from your desktop. Over 10 million people have installed Bing Desktop worldwide, and based on your feedback, we’re constantly looking for ways to make the experience more useful and convenient,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

So what’s new? The update to Bing Desktop adds inline searching, which means you can search directly within a website, document, or file by highlighting the word or phrase and clicking the Bing icon. “With Inline Search, now all you have to do is highlight what you want to search, hit the Bing icon and you will see a preview of search results in a convenient window without ever leaving what you were doing,” Microsoft explains. Users can also updated the Bing Desktop Apps to feature a weather app with real-time weather forecasts.

Microsoft has also overhauled the news portion of the software to showcase what’s trending and news at a glance. Bing Desktop also features Facebook notification support, so you can see whats going on with your friends directly from the software. Lets not forget that with this software, you can also have the latest Bing homepage wallpaper as your desktop wallpaper, changed daily and automatically just for you!

Hit the download link below to snag this updated software, if you do not already have it! It’s free and only weighs roughly 9MB!

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