Outrun a blood-thirsty gigantic space worm in WormRun for Windows 8.1

Outrun a blood-thirsty gigantic space worm in WormRun for Windows 8.1

WormRun for Windows 8.1 is a fun game in which you must help Zeke the space miner avoid a blood thirsty gigantic space worm from eating him alive. The game is entertaining and even supports your Xbox 360 controller for a console-like gaming experience.

"You are Zeke Tallahassee, hapless space miner in the wrong place at the wrong time. Move Zeke through an ever-changing labyrinth all while being chased by a blood-thirsty, gigantic space Worm. New for Windows 8, Worm Run boasts a completely new control scheme, allowing you to swipe anywhere on the screen, use your keyboard or plug in an Xbox 360 Controller. Although it is incredibly easy to pick up and play, Worm Run is incredibly difficult to master," the app description reads.

This app provides a familiar experience to those of you who have played any side-scrolling "avoid the monster" game. Simply run from the worm, collect "Grubies" to purchase items, and avoid hazards along the way. Here are the key features of this awesome side-scrolling app:

  • 3 Different Control Schemes! Screen, Keyboard or XBox Controller.
  • Easy to play, insanely difficult to master.
  • Collect Grubies to purchase crazy items like the noxious Skunk Juice and Slow Spice made of worm eye-crust to help you out run the Worm.
  • Avoid hazards while running for your life.
  • Explore a new deadly world every time you play with procedurally generated maps.
  • Traverse five unique and challenging worlds including the Space Ship and Temple.
  • Crisp, visuals for a retro-style, side-scrolling experience.
  • Awesome chiptune soundtrack.

Hit the download link below to snag this app. It runs for $1.49 and a free trial is available. This app only works on Windows 8.1 and will not work on Windows RT.

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