Outriders video game attracted over 3.5 million players in its first month

Brad Stephenson

Outriders video game on Xbox Series X and Xbox One

The Outriders video game has only been out for a month and a bit but it’s clear that it’s been a success in terms of the number of people playing.

The official Outrider social channels announced today that over 3.5 million players had played the game in its first month across all of its supported platforms. For context, Microsoft Flight Simulator attracted 2 million players in its first four months, Forza Horizon 4 brings in around 4 million players each month, and Minecraft boasts a whopping 112 million monthly players.

Not bad for a new video game that’s not part of an existing franchise.

No detailed breakdown has been provided so it’s hard to tell if more gamers were playing Outriders on Xbox One and Xbox Series X than Sony’s PS4 and PS5 or Windows PC but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Of particular note is the fact that these numbers include those who played Outriders for free as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Again, there’s no details on how many played the game via this method but Xbox Game Pass has been known to bring in a lot of players to games, such as the 1 million it added to No Man’s Sky last year, so it’s possible that this could have contributed greatly to the 3.5 million playing Outlanders in April.

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Developer: Square Enix Ltd
Price: Free