Outlook.com experiences unplanned downtime, only a few days after officially launching

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It has been over six months since the "preview" of Outlook.com was released by Microsoft. A few days ago, Microsoft proudly announced that Outlook.com had reached a new milestone and was no longer in the "preview" phase. Microsoft also revealed that Outlook.com had over 60 million users. Earlier today, Outlook.com experienced an unplanned outage.

Outlook Outage

This outage took place earlier today and lasted a few hours. Microsoft confirmed that it was "aware of the issue" but never updated the status page to indicate that there was anything wrong with the service. In fact, the status page indicated that everything was working fine. This downtime comes at a bad time, only a few days ago the service was launched promising to be better than Gmail and Yahoo Mail. On top of that, Microsoft's Azure service was hit with downtime thanks to an expired SSL certificate. The service appears to be back up and fully running as of the time of this post, but the impact may have already been felt by those who are new to Outlook.com. Microsoft has yet to disclose exactly what caused the downtime. Were you affected?

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