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Outlook.com embraces Yahoo with new email import option

Outlook.com embraces Yahoo with new email import option

Anyone thinking about transitioning from Yahoo to Outlook.com will find that things are now easier than ever. Microsoft announces today that Outlook.com can now import email accounts from Yahoo Mail as well as a range of other IMAP-enable email accounts.

The process itself is incredibly simple. Just sign into your Outlook.com account, head over to Options and click Import email accounts. Yahoo will be available ready for you to choose and you will then be guided through importing your mail and linking the two accounts.

When you’re done, you’ll not only have access to all of your old Yahoo mail within Outlook.com, but you will also be able to send messages via your old Yahoo email address -- handy for letting people know that you are making the switch to Outlook.com!

Importing emails accounts from other providers is equally simple. if you have a large number of emails to import you can just continue to use Outlook.com as normal while the hard work is performed in the background, and you’ll then have the best of both worlds -- the power and flexibility of Outlook.com and the familiarity of your old email address.

Try out the new import options for yourself and let us know how you get on!

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