Outlook for Windows RT exists, the question is when is it coming?

Let's be honest, the Mail app for Windows 8 and Windows RT isn't the best. In fact, many would call it abysmal. Luckily for those who run Windows 8, you can easily use something else, for example Outlook 2013. This is not the case on Windows RT, but a new discovery has shed some light on the existence of a far better email client for the RT side of life.


Not an official image, created by WinBeta.org

Outlook RT, an app many Windows RT users have been begging for. It appears the app is built and is ready for primetime, it has been since Windows RT launched back in 2012. Paul Thurrot, who was recently at the Microsoft campus, met up with a couple of people who had Outlook RT running on their Windows RT devices. He learned that Outlook RT didn't make it in the initial Office for Windows RT release because of a bug in the ARM chipset that caused it to hang and crash.

Now, the good news, it seems the app is working just fine, and it could launch soon. The bad news, you'll probably have to purchase it. It's unclear how Microsoft plans to distribute the desktop app, it could be through an Office 365 subscription or even through the "Add features to Windows 8" option.

The question is, when is it coming? Well, since the software seems to be working 'OK', it could be soon. However there is no confirmed date or even time frame. So we'll have to wait and see.

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