Outlook on the web will soon make it easier to add OneDrive and SharePoint files to your emails

Rabia Noureen

Outlook For Windows

The web version of Outlook is about to receive a new way of adding OneDrive and SharePoint files to emails. Starting in mid-February, Outlook on the web will add a new file search experience in compose mode for Targeted Release customers.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, this release will enable users to get files and notes suggestions by typing the forward-slash command “/” while composing an email message. As soon as the user types it in the email compose area, the web app will automatically show file and or note suggestions from OneDrive and SharePoint in a dedicated pop-up window. These files can then be attached to email messages.

Suggested file search recommendation

The ability to quickly attach files can be extremely important for power users who frequently collaborate on shared content with their coworkers. Microsoft has also confirmed a couple of other new features that are currently in development for the Outlook web app. These include support for AI-powered message reminders, and a suggested replies feature for non-English-speaking users.