Outlook Groups for iOS updated, “huge uplift of experience” and other enhancements on tap

Outlook Groups has existed on iOS for some time now, offering up cross-platform communications for Office 365 business and education users. Now, the app has been updated with some welcome changes, including some serious UI improvements.

Here’s the changelog for version 1.10.8:

-View your group events, add them to your calendar and create new events for your groups.
-A huge uplift of experiences across the app.
-Swipe on a group to add them to favorites or mute notifications from them.

If you’re already using Outlook Groups on iOS, then head over to the App Store and hit that update button. If not, you can get started by installing from the link below.

Outlook Groups
Outlook Groups
Price: Free
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What do you think of the Outlook Groups app on iOS?