Outlook for Windows will soon allow you to save your email signatures in the cloud

Rabia Noureen

Outlook for Windows is soon getting a new feature that will let you save your email signatures in the cloud. First spotted by MSPoweruser, Microsoft is working on the new Signature cloud settings to ensure a consistent user experience when you access Outlook for Windows on any of your PCs. It means that you will create your email signatures only once to get them synced to all the other devices where you have configured the same account. The feature is timed for a rollout beginning in June 2020.

For those unfamiliar, email signatures contain text and/or graphical information such as the sender’s name, title, address, phone number about the sender, inserted into the outbound messages via Outlook. At the moment, email signatures work in a pretty much frustrating way, especially for people who have configured their Outlook accounts on more than one computer. If your email signatures are stored on a Windows PC, you need to recreate the same signatures for Android, iPhone, as well as on Outlook for Mac.

It is worth noting that resolving the signature sync issue is actually part of a broader plan. For now, Outlook for Windows is the first client that is getting the cloud signature support, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft updates the Microsoft 365 Roadmap entry to bring this capability to other platforms in the coming weeks.