Outlook.com upgrade looks like it has been delayed until early 2017

If you're still waiting for Microsoft to upgrade your Outlook.com inbox to the new Outlook.com experience, it seems that you may have to wait a little more longer than expected. The new Outlook.com which uses an infrastructure powered by Office 365 officially started to roll out to all Outlook.com users back in February, and we previously reported last month that Microsoft expected everyone to be migrated "by the end of the summer of the latest." However, according to a new report by Windows Central, Microsoft appears to have set the first half of 2017 as the new deadline to complete the roll out.

As of today, if try to share your Outlook.com calendar to someone else via either the old Outlook.com web app or the new Outlook.com interface, the following message will explain you that calendar sharing is currently not possible:

We're currently upgrading Outlook.com accounts. During the upgrade, you won't be able to share your calendar with some accounts, but you can still send a link to your calendar by clicking "Get a link". We expect the upgrade to be finished in the first half of 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for using Outlook.com.

The warning message also appears in the new Outlook.com.
The warning message also appears in the new Outlook.com.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm this new deadline, but the company could still have many Outlook.com accounts to upgrade to the new infrastructure. Back in April, Microsoft's Director of Marketing for Outlook Jon Orton explained that 175 million Outlook.com accounts from an existing 400 million accounts had been already migrated to the new experience, but the exec added that this was a complicated process with "“special migration considerations” for users with shared calendars.

As reminder, Microsoft first teased the new Outlook.com experience back in May 2015, and the upgrade brings enable many new niceties such as a cleaner design, an easy way to set automatic replies and inbox rules, third-party add-ons and more. Let us know in the comments if you're still waiting to receive the upgrade on your own Outlook.com account.

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