Outlook.com now supports Google Drive, Facebook Photos

While the migration to the new Outlook.com experience is still unfinished, those who have migrated are getting new features. Microsoft announced today on the Office Blogs that Outlook.com now supports Google Drive and Facebook photos.

Google Drive was already supported on Outlook's mobile apps. But now Outlook users can get the same support when accessing their Outlook.com account on the web. First, users will have to enter their Google account credentials in Outlook after clicking the attachment icon. Once your Outlook.com account is linked to your Google account, you can access your Google Drive files from within Outlook.com's web interface for attaching files.

A Google Doc being edited within Outlook.com via Office Blogs
A Google Doc being edited within Outlook.com via Office Blogs

The support also enables users to open up Google files, like Google Docs, Slides or Sheets, within their Outlook.com window. This allows users to edit a Google file while messaging. A similar feature is already supported for Word Online and accessing your OneDrive files alongside message windows, but now the functionality has been extended to support Google Drive and Google file types.

Microsoft also announced that Outlook.com supports Facebook photos. This feature allows users to link their Facebook account to Outlook the same way they link it to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. The advantage of this feature is that when you are writing an email and want to include one of your photos from Facebook, you can just access it within Outlook.com by clicking the attachment icon.

New view all attachments feature in Outlook.com via Office Blogs
New view all attachments feature in Outlook.com via Office Blogs

The final feature announced today helps users sort out attachments in long email threads. Now, at the top of every conversation thread in Outlook.com, there will be a drop-down feature to the attachment icon. If you click the icon it will list out every attachment ever included at some point in that thread of messages.

The Office Blog concluded its announcement by saying these features are only available to Outlook.com accounts that have migrated to the new Outlook.com experience based off the same back-end as Office 365. While announced in May of 2015, and released in February of this year, the new Outlook.com experience rollout is still not complete.

Microsoft had previously said the migration will be finished by the end of summer. Apparently, Microsoft is working off the technical definition of the Fall equinox to mark the end of summer and not the popular marker of labor day and the back-to-school season. Microsoft also announced the new attachment feature will be available for all Office 365 commercial subscriptions.

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