Outlook.com now optimizes performance by storing your data closer to you

Late today, Microsoft announced that it is making moves to help make Outlook.com faster and more responsive. The company will now be storing user mailbox data in a data center which is closest to where an Outlook.com user is located.

According to Microsoft, storing mailbox data in a region that optimizes performance is "a part of keeping performance snappy." This is why instead of relying on a country of residence stored in an account profile, Microsoft will determine the appropriate datacenters for a user automatically. The change will roll out in both the U.S. and Europe, and Outlook will be smart enough to move your account to closer datacenters when it has learned a user has changed the region of primary residence:

In a world where migration is increasingly common, relying on you to manually keep that place of residence information up to date doesn’t make sense. Our datacenter capacity is also increasing, providing more opportunities to host your data closer to where you are located. Accordingly, we made updates that improve our ability to maintain your Outlook.com data closer to you with greater accuracy.

Users should keep in mind that Outlook.com will not continuously move data back and forth between regions every time they travel abroad. The main point of the change is to improve performance by keeping a user's data in proximity to where they are primarily located. Is Outlook.com currently fast enough for your needs, and if not do you think this is a welcome change? Let us know below.

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