Outlook app on iOS and Android updated, marking the end of Sunrise

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The Microsoft Office team has just taken to an official blog to announce that an update for the Outlook app on iOS and Android has gone live. Powered by features developed by the folks at Sunrise, the update marks the end of the Sunrise app. It also brings support for maps, Interesting Calendars, and Skype for Business integration, and more to the Outlook on iOS and Android experience.

The first of the features delivered by the update is support for Interesting Calendars on iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the feature you now will be able to add and subscribe to subscribe to your hometown sports team’s calendar and see the events automatically pop up in your calendar. Coming soon to Android, this feature is available today to Outlook for iOS users with an Office 365 email address.

Interesting Calendars
Interesting Calendars

Next up is support for event icons and maps in event details. With event icons, you will automatically get an icon for an event based on the event title. Sunrise users should be familiar with this, as Microsoft notes that new icons have been added on top of the regular list.

In line with event icons are new maps in event details. Thanks to the update, as you type the location for an event, you will be able to choose one from the suggestions and a map will be inserted to your event details.

Outlook app on iOS and Android updated, marking the end of Sunrise - OnMSFT.com - September 13, 2016
Maps in event details

Third on the list of updates is an updated date and time picker. Microsoft notes that this feature comes from the expertise of the folks over at Sunrise. Overall Microsoft highlights the fact that the feature and provides a simpler, more intuitive way to choose the date and time when creating a meeting. The feature is now available on iOS and will soon come to Android.

snap with improved date and time pickers
snap with improved date and time pickers

Last up is the ability to update meetings with recurrence editing. The time, location, and attendees of an event can now be edited while you’re on the go, and ability to create recurring events will be added in an upcoming update.

Similar to recurrence editing is the option to add a Skype for Business meeting to your new event. To use the feature Microsoft mentions all you need to do is simply tap the Skype Meeting toggle and Outlook includes your company’s Skype information in the description of the event. When the meeting arrives, you’ll also be able to join the call with just a tap.

Outlook for Android Update Featured
Outlook on Android

These are just the latest additions to the Outlook experience, and since Microsoft has acquired Sunrise, more features might be in the pipeline soon.  Sunrise users, nonetheless, should be aware that as of today their calendars will stop updating, and any changes made to a calendar will not be reflected on other platforms. It is perhaps the end of an era, as starting tomorrow Sunrise users will be logged out of their account.

So, as always, head over to the app store now and press that update button! If you’re a Sunrise user these features might feel familiar to you, so Once you’ve updated, please let us know your thoughts on the latest updates by dropping us a comment below.

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