Outland and Gunstar Heroes joins ever-growing list of Xbox One Backward Compatible titles

Xbox One Backward Compatibility continues to grow its library for those who have been with Xbox since the last generation, and still have a bunch of games left over from Xbox 360 that they'd like to play on their shiny new Xbox One. Today's new additions are some Xbox Arcade titles that you may have had a blast with back in the day: Outland and Gunstar Heroes.

Outland is a gorgeous platformer that deserves a spot on anyone's library. The game has a gorgeous color palette of red and blue mixed in with its stylistic silhouette-focused art style. It has an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack, some interesting puzzles, and all things considered is the sort of game that makes an impression on you. Outland is most definitely welcome among the Backward Compatibility library.

Gunstar Heroes is a much different kind of arcade classic. The game initially released back in 1993, and it's a popular and well-liked side-scrolling shooter. You can now play this through your Xbox One with backwards compatibility and experience some of the golden days yet again on your current-gen console.

Thanks to WinBeta reader Natan A. for the tip!

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