Outings, the mobile travel app from Microsoft Garage, is now compatible with Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Laurent Giret

Back in December, Microsoft Garage quietly released Outings, an iOS and Android app that acts like a personal travel guide that can help you find new places to visit. As noticed by the prolific leaker WalkingCat, the mobile travel app has now made its way to the Microsoft Store as a Windows Mixed Reality app.


Compared to HoloTour, another Windows Mixed Reality app from Microsoft that allows you to explore certain popular destinations like Rome or Machu Picchu, Outings is more about discovery than immersion. The app leverages Bing to let you discover new interesting places and find the perfect spot. “Outings allows you to search for high quality travel stories about beautiful places from travel blogs and other places,” the app description on the Microsoft Store reads.

Curiously, the new Windows Mixed Reality app isn’t promoted yet on the Microsoft Garage and official Outings websites, and it doesn’t appear either on the “Explore Windows Mixed Reality” collection on the Microsoft Store. We hope that Microsoft will soon address this, but in the meantime you can get the app from the download link below.

Price: Free