Oscar-winning writer Taika Waititi wants to switch back to a PC because “Apple needs to fix those keyboards”

Arif Bacchus

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For all its success with the iPhone and iPad, Apple has had lots of troubles with the MacBook keyboard. Users of newer MacBook Pro models dating from as far back as 2015 and even 2019 have reported problems with the “Butterfly” keyboards on their devices suffering from stuck or breaking keycaps.

Although Apple has addressed those concerns with a warranty program and going with a new “Magic Keyboard” and scissor keyboard mechanism on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, one Oscar-winning writer thinks differently and wants to switch back to a PC.

In an interview with Variety, Oscar-winning writer Taika Waititi was asked what are some of the needs that Hollywood writers should be asking for in the next round of Writer’s Guild talks. He mentioned that “Apple needs to fix those keyboards” and says that “they are impossible to write on, and they’ve gotten worse.” Waititi even goes as far as to say that it makes him want to go back to PCs because “PC Keyboard, the bounce back for your fingers is way better.”

As a joke, Waititi even asks the reporters in the room to hold up their hands if they’re still using a PC. He then tells them that they know what he’s talking about saying “It’s a way better keyboard and those Apple keyboards are horrendous.”  Waititi then unloads on Apple and says that “As the laptops get newer and newer […] the keyboards are worse.”

If you had a tough time believing Waititi, he even shows how he has shoulder problems thanks to Apple’s keyboards. He motions to show the pressure it causes on his forearm and shoulder and says “it’s what happens when you’re over the laptop like this.”

But if Taika Waititi wants to switch to a PC, he has plenty of help, Ben Rudolph, the Senior Director & Global CTO, Microsoft News Labs, says he can help out and help him find the perfect PC. He recommends the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad X1 Extreme, which we recently reviewed. For a more elegant experience, he also recommended the Surface Laptop, which keyboard and trackpad we found to be “really unmatched and quite comfortable.”