Original Microsoft buildings demolished as campus modernization begins

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has already begun to demolish some of its of some of its original buildings, part of the tech giant’s efforts to build out its new expanded campus, which expected to be able to seat thousands more employees than it can today.

As reported by GeekWire, one of Microsoft’s own employees got to join in on the fun and help tear down what was Building 1, which has been standing for about 33 years. It’s one of the signature X-shaped buildings that sat next to Building 4 where the company’s co-founder Bill Gates also worked back in the day. However twelve other structures will be taken down as the company pushes its plans on its new and much larger facilities.

The company plans on improving collaboration with its new buildings as well, saying that new rooms will offer rooms as more of a “team-based approach” where employees will work together in each space as apposed to using individual offices. It also increases efficiency as more employees will be able to fit in in a given area.

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