Oregon Story Board to offer HoloLens training and boot camp

Microsoft's augmented reality tool HoloLens is a versatile headset that has many people talking about the amazing potential it carries. But perhaps one of the more interesting developments is the increasing commercial interest in the potential use of holographic overlays. The features have not only been recruited for home improvement, real estate marketing, and mobile engineering, but now HoloLens has made strides towards the arts.

The Oregon Story Board has opened up pre-registrations for classes that will offer HoloLens training. OBS is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing the digital storytelling industry by providing resources and opportunities to early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. The organization will offer two options for registration to potential students:

1-Day HoloLens Overview:

Get hands-on with HoloLens.  This instructor-led training will provide you with hands-on experience and a thorough introduction to the early best practices for development and design.

4-Day Bootcamp:

Dive deep with HoloLens.  This instructor-led training will provide you with hands-on experience, a thorough introduction to development and design in HoloLens, and extended practical application of core principles to the development of sample HoloLens applications.

The HoloLens classes will be located in the Oregon Story Board offices in Portland, OR. Students that attend the Bootcamp will be responsible for their own accommodations for the four-day visit to Portland. Any interested parties are encouraged to sign up now on the website to reserve their place on the waiting list. As openings for classes are scheduled, the students will be invited to register. The first schedule of classes has not been announced yet but will be on an upcoming date.

Actiongram on HoloLens

The Community and Office Manager of OBS, Nick Lambert, reached out concerning the new training courses:

We're extremely keen on the possibilities of AR/VR remaking the relationship between computers and humans, and we're delighted that we get to put it directly in the hands of creatives, and get a first-row seat to see what kind of magic they make.

The Oregon Story Board has not confirmed yet if HoloLens will be making an appearance in their other events such as the Accelerator Program, their three-month networking event. However, they look forward to exploring the potential of HoloLens and implementing it into businesses with valuable hands-on training.

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