Opera Mini is live and kicking on Windows Phone once more

Sean Cameron


Yesterday, those wishing to download Opera Mini from the Windows Phone Store ran into something of a problem.

Upon opening the app page on the store, they were confronted with the message, “this app is no longer published”. Understandably, this caused a little confusion.

However, as we reported at the time, Opera was well aware of the situation, and has now confirmed that Opera Mini on the Windows Phone Store is now available for download once more, having been removed by an unspecified ‘error’, saying,

Now that the app is back up, anyone wishing to download the browser to their Windows Phone can now do so freely. Opera Mini, having come out of beta some time ago, has become a full-featured and quite pleasant app to use.

Were you affected by this outage? Do you use Opera Mini on your Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments below.