Opera Mini and unofficial Pushbullet app for Windows Phone 8.1 are now available

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Opera mini and unofficial pushbullet app for windows phone 8. 1 are now available for download

Two new apps have hit the Windows Phone Store, giving loyal Windows Phone users more app variety in a mobile landscape dominated by Android. First off, we have Opera Mini for Windows Phone, which is now available as beta. Secondly, we have an unofficial Pushbullet app, allowing you to get files, links, and more from your computer onto your phone.

Starting off with Opera Mini, we are finally getting a taste of the Opera browser on Windows Phone. This is a Beta program and you are required to sign up using your email. Opera has yet to send out download links but we are sure it will be soon. 

"We know we took a long time, but our test version is now available. Download it, try it and give us your feedback. We’ll listen and make improvements to give you the best browsing experience on your Windows Phone," Opera stated. You can head over here to sign up for the Beta.

On the other hand, we have the unofficial Pushbullet app for Windows Phone. The interface is looks simple and gorgeous, and the app is free. "Pushbullet makes it really easy to get files, links, and more from your computer onto your phone. You can even use Pushbullet to send them to friends as well! Why send things with Pushbullet? Because they show up instantly right in your phone's notification tray, enabling you to open it right away!" the app description reads.

You can snag the unofficial Pushbullet app right here.

Thanks for all the tips guys, keep 'em coming!

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