Opera to “hold off on active development” for Windows Phone app

Dave W. Shanahan

In a Q&A on their blog, Opera fielded some questions regarding the future of Opera Mini on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Opera’s plans to update their app for Windows Phone will come to a stop as “no major updates are planned for the next few months,” and they currently have no plans for a Universal Windows App.

The last major update to Opera Mini on Windows Phone was in June 2015 and although Opera’s plans are not final, Opera does indicate that they are shifting their focus for Opera Mini on iOS and Android moving forward. Opera assures us that while no updates are planned, Opera Mini on Windows Phone is still secure to use.

Opera also addresses questions about why they couldn’t bring a Windows 10 Universal App or porting an iOS version of the Opera Mini to Windows 10, but they simply “don’t have the resources to work on this” at this time. Opera also is quick to point out that when compared to developing and porting apps, developing and porting browsers is a “more complex animal.”

Although they don’t go into specifics about what makes Opera Mini a “more complex animal,” Opera has an easy explanation as to why they would much rather focus their resources and time towards iOS and Android.

“Simply put, that’s where our strengths and biggest user communities are. We’d be building cool stuff on every platform and operating system in the world if we could. But, right now, we’re focusing more on the platforms that can help us make the most positive impact on the web and web technologies.”

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