Opera 12 Beta launched, now has 64-bit support

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Apr 26th, 2012 inNews

Opera has announced a new beta version of Opera today which is slated to be a lot more stable and faster than before. Opera 12 Beta, codename Wahoo, also brings on board several new features that are sure to be worth noting, especially 64bit support.

Aside from 64bit support, Opera 12 Beta brings with it some other speed improvements and new functionality. “With 64-bit support made to Opera 12, startup times and page loading is faster than ever before. We now run plugins (such as Flash) as separate processes – this makes Opera a lot more stable,” Opera states. Opera 12 Beta also has support for the Do Not Track header, CSS3 Animations/Transitions, HTML5 drag and drop, Support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, and Opt-in hardware acceleration/WebGL. There is also an API that allows developers to tap into your webcam. If you are looking forward to trying this out, check out the download link below.

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