Open Source Document Translator app translates PDFs, more, API made open source

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Open source document translator app translates pdfs, more, api made open source

Microsoft is continuing to expand their work in translation services through their Document Translator app which can rapidly translate documents, from Microsoft Office files to Adobe PDFs. And now Microsoft is making its Translator API available as an open source project on GitHub.

With the Microsoft Translator API, developers can incorporate the Microsoft Translator cloud service into custom workflows or add their own modifications to the existing batch translation experience. The app allows for individual or batch translations in full fidelity, meaning that a document’s formatting is preserved through the translation process.

The announcement of the Microsoft Translator API being made open source also highlighted other features such as:

  • No-trace option to enable greater privacy
  • Microsoft Translator Hub to create custom translations, ideal for organizations that have their own unique industry jargon.

Microsoft’s work in translation has had impressive results as it has made its way to Skype and Bing, and also introducing a partner program to increase access. Now by making the API open source it will enable more to invent new ways to benefit from the increasingly powerful app.

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