Microsoft’s Open Invite on August 28th lets you play Indie Xbox One games

Pax Prime

If you’re in Redmond on Thursday, August 28th, Microsoft has an open invite to come to their Redmond campus to play games from independent developers (for free). If you are interested check out the details here for directions, restrictions, and free transportation.

This invite is primarily aimed at the Penny Arcade eXpo (PAX) attendants. Microsoft says they couldn’t simply fit all of the independent studio titles in their booth, so decided to host mini-event to showcase their titles. Independent developers do not have the resources to market their games competitively, and need help from the ecosystem, in this case Microsoft, to give consumers a taste of their games. This event is a great example of how Microsoft can help and encourage independent studios.

In addition to playing over 25 titles, attendees will get a chance to talk with the developers and see Microsoft’s headquarters. This event kicks off the PAX Prime weekend, a gaming show that is more consumer focused than other gaming shows that are press focused. There are concerts, lots of free-play, and even an Omegathon where randomly selected attendants play for a prize.

Let us know if you will be going, and if so, what you are most excited about in the comments below!

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