OnMSFT.com featured in the latest installment of The Azure Podcast

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Over the New Year’s holiday, as you may know, OnMSFT.com moved to a Virtual Machine (Ubuntu 18.04, Nginx, MySQL, WordPress) running on Azure. So far we’ve been very happy with the move: everything works, and we’re paying about half what we were paying, including the VM, a 256GB virtual SSD, and daily backups, as well as all the advantages that Azure, especially the Azure Portal, gives to you. We haven’t had any hiccups yet, but we can quickly monitor CPU use, disk in and out, network traffic, and a number of other parameters from within the Azure Portal:

OnMSFT.com featured in the latest installment of The Azure Podcast - OnMSFT.com - February 2, 2019

When we made the move, I wrote a quick post on what we were doing, and the folks at The Azure Podcast, all Microsoft employees but all doing this as a side gig, took notice, and the other day we chatted about our move, about OnMSFT.com, and about Microsoft.

Feel free to take a listen, and to head over to The Azure Podcast to hear more about Azure from the people that run it and the people that use it. Have any questions about our move to Azure? Sound off in the comments below.

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