Online Microsoft Store giving away a $100 voucher when you purchase a Surface 64GB (UPDATED)

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While many consumers are eagerly awaiting for the Surface Pro 128GB to be available in retail stores, after an out of stock crisis took place hours after the device's launch, Microsoft is now offering a $100 voucher for your next purchase when you purchase a 64GB Surface Pro now.

As you can see from the screenshot above, when you purchase a Surface Pro 64GB (the only model available right now on the online Microsoft Store in the U.S.) or any PC over $699, you will automatically have the $100 voucher in your shopping cart, which Microsoft is giving to you for free. Unfortunately, you cant use the coupon/voucher right then and there, but it can be used towards your next online purchase. This offer ends February 18th and you will also have to wait until the 19th of February to receive this voucher. Could this be Microsoft's way of saying "sorry for the out of stock issue?" Regardless, if you want to purchase the 64GB Surface Pro, now is the time. This $100 voucher deal ends February 18th.

Microsoft has also provided a statement to us regarding the $100 voucher. "Microsoft is currently running an online promotion on which is valid until 2/18/2013: Buy a PC over $699 and get a $100 discount code coupon for future online purchases. The $100 discount code coupon must be redeemed online at between 2/19/2013 and 3/17/2013. The $100 discount code coupon excludes Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, is not valid on prior orders or purchases, cannot be transferred or otherwise redeemed for cash or gift cards and cannot be combined with other offers. The discount coupon code is limited to 1 discount per PC purchased," Microsoft stated in a statement to us. It appears that you can receive this $100 voucher if you purchase a PC (including a Surface) over $699, for a limited time only. The $100 voucher cannot be used towards another Surface tablet.

Microsoft has also revealed that the 128GB Surface Pro is set to go back in stock at by Saturday Feb 16th, after nearly a week of being out of stock.

Update: It looks like Microsoft has removed this offer when you try to purchase a Surface, but it still applies to any other PC purchase. Hopefully some people were lucky enough to snag the voucher while purchasing a Surface Pro 64GB.

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