OneNote's free desktop program receives update

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OneNote’s free version of the desktop program is being updated to receive more features. The update aligns the feature list of the free desktop version almost completely with the paid version with the exception of local storage. OneNote has three versions available; a modern app that has basic features and two desktop versions, one free and one paid.

The free desktop version used to not have access to password protected sections, page history, audio and video recordings, audio search and embedded files but all of those are available after the most recent update. The only remaining difference is that the free version can only store files on OneDrive while the paid version can save notebooks locally, on networks,  and to Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business.

OneNote for the desktop having paid and free version may seem odd but the desktop version does have features such as full page handwriting to text conversion that are currently unavailable on the modern app.

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