OneNote makes it easier to clip recipes for those of you who love to cook

OneNote makes it easier to clip recipes for those of you who love to cook

Microsoft’s OneNote software is a fantastic tool to quickly write and save digital notes. But did you know that you can also utilize the OneNote web clipper or the email clipper to save key pieces of information directly to your OneNote notebook?

“Our goal is to help you collect just the information you want, boiled down (see what I did there?), free of distraction, in a clean and consistent format regardless of which site you clip from. In case you need to reference the original page, you can have your cake and eat it too,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Using the OneNote web clipper (a button on your Favorites bar), or email clipper ([email protected]), you can clip a recipe and have it simplified down to just the steps, ingredients, and key pieces of information you need the most. This offers you a simple and clean viewing format in OneNote, making it easier to utilize the important parts of the content you have saved.

This is all possible thanks to Bing. Bing’s vast knowledge repository, which powers the recipe experience on, allows Microsoft to filter out unnecessary parts of the recipe you are clipping and only save the important bits. This feature works on many of the top recipe websites (including,, and in the US and Microsoft plans to expand this feature to more sites in the near future. 

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