OneNote is holding a free online conference beginning November 12th, its first ever

The Microsoft Office team has announced today the upcoming launch of its first-ever Learn OneNote Conference, a six-days online event that will be open to everyone looking to master the popular note-taking tool. The conference will feature 21 pre-recorded videos of OneNote experts from all over the world who will share a whole range of different use cases as well as their best tips and tricks:

Organized by OneNote super-fan Jared DeCamp, the Learn Online Conference features 21 expert speakers from all over the world. Speakers will provide in-depth videos on OneNote topics ranging from showing how a deputy district attorney uses OneNote as a replacement for a three-ring binder­ and a small business owner tracks expenses with OneNote, to how a mother makes her life less chaotic by planning her house remodel in OneNote.

The last two days will include educators sharing how they plan their lessons, maximize OneNote Class Notebooks and how students are provided effective feedback on assignments with audio and text. Each of the six days will include three to four sessions focused on a specific OneNote theme.

Starting November 12th through November 17th, videos will be released each day at 5AM, 11AM, 5PM and PM (PST). You can learn more details about the program in the Sway document below:

To make sure not to miss any content from the event, you can register right now on the Learn OneNote Conference site and then watch the videos at your convenience for the duration of the conference. Lastly, Microsoft is inviting all OneNote users to submit their own videos to share their best OneNote tips. Selected videos will be shared with all attendees of the online conference, and we invite you to check the full blog post to get learn how to participate.

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