OneNote for iPhone picks up an update with 'note preview', Mac version gets sharing enhancements

Hammad Saleem

OneNote for iPhone picks up an update with note preview, Mac version gets sharing enhancements

OneNote is an excellent tool when it comes to note-taking, offering users a handful of useful features on their PCs and mobile devices. Not too long ago, Microsoft released an update for OneNote on Mac and iPhone, which introduces a number of useful features for the application. 

With the latest OneNote for iPhone, users will be able to see the previews of their saved notes. Just go to your “Recent Notes” and it will show you the preview of every note in the list; this can come in quite handy, allowing users to skim through their notes and find the ones they are seeking. Furthermore, the company has also introduced improved notebook organizations as well; if you have multiple notebooks saved on your OneNote, you’ll be able to re-organize them quickly by drag and drop. Just tap on the notebook you want to move and move it to its desired location.

Next up is OneNote for Mac. The latest update introduces improved sharing features to boost the productivity of its users. Now, users will be able to easily share their notebooks with the people they want to by simply inviting them to collaborate. Users also get the option to make a shared notebook read only or give the collaborators the ability to edit the notebooks.