OneNote for iPhone and iPad updated

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OneNote for iPhone and iPad updated

Today on OneNote's blog, Microsoft's OneNote team announced a new version of the popular note taking app that is available now for iPhones and iPads.

The announcement shows off a number of features new to the iOS version that hope to make the app "better, faster and touchier version of OneNote for iPhone and iPad."

The new version has a few new features, a number of which add more functionality to lists in OneNote for iPads and iPhone. The team has a sense of humor about their product and user feedback when they say:

"We received feedback that lists worked best with a keyboard, mouse and screens even the largest of cargo shorts couldn’t accommodate. Accordingly, checkboxes for ants have been replaced with checkboxes designed for humans."

Users can now create a list at anytime in the app by hitting the + button and choosing the new List option from the pop up menu. It is also easier to add items to a list by either touching Add Item or tapping return after working on another item in the list.

In the preview pane of OneNote, lists now show a summary of how many items are still uncompleted. The user can also switch between the traditional 'note' view of a list or the enhanced 'list' view to simplify the view when you are accessing your list on the go and are not focused on edits.

There were also a few improvements not related to lists. OneNote for iPad and iPhone now supports math equations within your note pages as well as choices of line or grid paper backgrounds for your notebooks. Finally today's new version also comes with a simplified sign in experience to better facilitate sharing a notebook with others, allowing users to share OneNote notebooks with an email address.

While these features definitely add to the functionality of the OneNote's list capabilities for mobile users, it still remains to be seen if there will be any specific and deeper integration with OneNote and Wunderlist, Microsoft's newest acquisition and one of the more popular cross platform list making apps.

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