OneNote for iOS gets massive update, Motion Pictures, Flex Select, and more

iOS OneNote Update Featured
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It’s no secret that Microsoft’s iOS version of OneNote is arguably the best mobile version around. The company seems to push features to mobile OneNote first on the iOS platform, and then eventually they trickle through to Android and then one day to Windows 10. Today, Microsoft pushed a rather large update to OneNote for iOS, with a number of nifty features.

Here’s what’s new:

“Motion Pictures” – Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine alongside your notes with the Share Extension.
**iPad Air/Mini2 and above**
Freedom of Translation- Rearrange your notes, ex post facto. Outlines, images, and other items are now free to move anywhere on a page
Flex Select- Wrangle together selections of text, images, and other page content with the lasso tool. Let the shape of your selection be bound only by your imagination (and the confines of a Euclidean plane)
Darkroom, Lite – Rotate and resize images to your heart’s content
**IPhone 5S and above + iPod 6th gen and up**
Darkroom, Lite – Rotate and resize images to your heart’s content

Some of those features, such as embedding video and selecting via lasso, are already in OneNote 2016, and so it’s nice to see Microsoft pushing those features to mobile. We can only hope that the company opts to flesh out the Windows 10 version as well.

Go to the iOS App Store and hit update. Or, download from the link below.

‎Microsoft OneNote
‎Microsoft OneNote

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