OneNote helps Coulter Grove Intermediate School keep student information organized

Stories about educators are some of Microsoft's favorites - they can be seen all over when you look at all of the company's testimonials. The latest story showing off Microsoft's great synergy with school systems comes from an Office blog post by Dr. Ramona Best, principal of the Coulter Grove Intermediate School.

Best's post revolves mostly around her school's love story with OneNote, which seems to bring together all of the things that the students and teachers of Coulter Grove needed. Offering a persistent set of notebooks that can be shared between people offers up a world of possibilities for the classroom, and the fact that it doesn't necessarily require an internet connection makes it perfectly accessible by everybody.

Why did we fall in love with OneNote? That answer is easy: It helps our kids. It helps them stay organized. It isn’t internet access-dependent, leveling the playing field for all our students. The old excuse of “The dog ate my homework” is no more. (We almost had a “dog ate the laptop” story, however!) Why do we keep loving OneNote? Have you seen Learning Tools? Enough said! Our admin team feels like the best “matchmakers” in the world, and we are living happily ever after!

Best and her team of administrators planned to roll out OneNote on a limited scale over an extended period,  but many teachers ended up adopting it in full force almost immediately. After just a year, practically every teacher is using OneNote as a regular part of their classes. OneNote is best described by the team as "love at first sight," and that description certainly seems to fit the bill.

If you want to read the full story about how Coulter Grove Intermediate School fell in love with OneNote, go ahead and read the Office blog post - as always, it's a good read.

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