OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks available in over 150 countries and regions, adding 90 new ones

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The Office team has been busy working on OneNote Class and Staff Notebooks during the lead up to the 2016/2017 school year. Recently we've reported on new updates to the add-in, changes to the API, and the notebooks making their way to MacOS. We've also been reporting on the growth of OneNote Class Notebooks with various success stories and the expansion of partners working with OneNote Class Notebooks.

All in all, Microsoft has been working hard to make as strong a case as possible on how classrooms can benefit from using OneNote Class Notebooks. Now the OneNote team is expanding their global reach. According to a post on the Office Blogs, earlier this month Microsoft made the OneNote Class and Staff Notebook app in Office 365 available in 90 additional countries. This brings the total to 151 countries where the OneNote Class and Staff Notebook apps are available through Office 365 Education.

OneNote Class Notebooks spans the globe, via Office Blogs
Onenote class notebooks spans the globe, via office blogs

As the map shows, the OneNote Class and Staff Notebook apps now span every continent, including Antarctica. If you are interested in trying out these apps in Office 365 Education, you can sign up for OneNote Class Notebooks here and OneNote Staff Notebooks here. You can also sign up for Office 365 Education here.

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