OneNote Class Notebook updated with support for Learning Management System integration

Microsoft's OneNote is a great tool to use for students and teachers alike. Tens of thousands of teachers have used OneNote and the OneNote Class Notebook add in since it launched a month ago, and Microsoft has been listening to these users' feedback. Today, though, the OneNote team is announcing that they have new a new update for the OneNote experience that will allow for more integration with assignments and grades.

As part of today's updates, teachers can now create, connect, and grade assignments in OneNote Class Notebook that show up in their Learning Managment System or the new Microsoft Classroom. Additionally, the OneNote team is also announcing that 25 partners have committed to working with OnteNote to bring new add-ins, with nine going live today. Full step-by-step details on how to enable these new features can be obtained  from Microsoft by clicking here.

In addition to the support for the Learning Managment System, the update also introduces the following improvements:

  • The ability to distribute new Section Groups to students for scenarios like new units in class.
  • The ability to Undo a distribted page that inadvertendly went to students.
  • The ability to distribute new sections into students' New Section Groups for a new project or lesson within that new unit.
  • Performance of disrtibuting new sections is faster
  • More icons- small section, notebook, and people icons added into dialogues.
  • Abiity for IT admin to deploy a .MSI installation of the add in across a school district, rather than having teachers install it.

As always, it is best to go ahead and update now so you can get these latest features. Then, once you do update, please drop us a comment below to let us know if you notice anything else that is new.

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