OneNote can now be accessed within the notification center on the iPhone

Onenote on mac and ios

OneNote for the iPhone has received an update that allows you to access OneNote directly in the notifications center. The iPhone has the ability to pin widgets to the notifications center that can perform some tasks without opening apps. Pinning the OneNote widget allows users to take a photo by opening Office Lens, take notes instantly, and create a to-do list.

OneNote was ahead of its time when it comes to universal access on multiple devices. The idea behind OneNote is that a user can take notes, make to-do lists, and collect information that can then be accessed anywhere on any device with internet access.

Onenote in the iphone notification center

OneNote works nicely with the office suite because it can easily import documents, spreadsheets, and slides, but it also is a nice standalone note taking application. With the ability to add notes, to-do lists, and pictures from Office Lens without opening the app on the iPhone, OneNote gains more ground within another company’s ecosystem.

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